I believe that often the suffering that people describe is born from an unwillingness to be present in the moment or to experience the truth of their experience. The truth can make us feel anxious all of the time, make our moods difficult to tolerate, or make us feel uncomfortable during everyday life circumstances. 

A common cause of such suffering often originates from our own stories and interpretations about the events and the experiences in our lives. Using a combination of mindfulness (a non-judgmental state of awareness) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), I work with clients to help observe, acknowledge, and even learn to tolerate these disquieting feelings and sensations. EMDR can help “rewire” the way people experience these stories and interpretations and helps to give a new perspective of past events.

My personal and professional style is goal oriented, which translates to working in a time-limited fashion. We work collaboratively to create a set of workable goals and each session is geared toward actualizing those goals.